quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2015

Eternal Song

Turn off the lights
Just let me die.
in whyte blankets.
Promisse you dont lie.

Scare my ancient ghosts
From my demencial mind
Its time for me to move along
my life as a eternal song

this mean to be eternity
like a broken clock
time cant move along
my soul is already empty.

Just imagine i`m on the stage
any stage, doesn`t mather where,
between shadows and lights
and the crowd as a siege.

back in the good old days
That thought could make me smile,
But now i´m too scare
And run for a mile.

I thought eternity wasn`t meant to last
and my voice can not rise
I never had the nerve to ask
If someday i could be an angel.

Sing for me, careless Satan
Bring me back to the top
Show me that i deserve
someone i could love.

Promisse i will try
this time i will get it right
another chance to fly
straight to your mind.

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